Is A Deadlier Virus Coming?

A top virologist made an appearance on Fox News last week, and was dishing the dirt of Covid’s origins – it “escaped” from the lab – and its creation – it wasn’t from bats. Unfortunately, that may be the only good news here.

That COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan lab went from a “fringe conspiracy theory” to one of the leading explanations for the pandemic in record time.

Every couple of weeks it seems that there’s a new piece of evidence supporting the theory, and Dr. Stephen Quay laid out the case in his explosive but under-reported Wall Street Journal article titled “Science Closes in on Covid’s Origins,” while arguing that a virus far more dangerous may be in that lab.

He spoke to Fox’s Martha MacCallum to discuss it earlier this week. The relevant quotes from the interview are as follows:

There are a few explanations pertaining to its release from the lab and why Covid didn’t come from bats, but this quote is the one we should all be concerned about…

Dr. Quay on a potentially more deadly virus in the Wuhan lab: “..inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology in patients specimens in December 2019. What I found there was that the lab was contaminated with Nipah virus research that’s about two years ahead of SARS-CoV-2. Now, Nipah virus is 80 percent lethal. So this is not, you know, if you didn’t like the pandemic, that was just one percent lethal. This thing they were working on in December 2019 has an 80 percent lethality. It needs to be stopped.”

Now, I’m the last person to embrace panic pr0n, but if this new virus has an eighty percent lethality, we’re looking at an extinction level event. The Wuhan lab needs to be shut down, immediately, and it needs to stay down… preferably with tactical nukes.

13 thoughts on “Is A Deadlier Virus Coming?

  1. Cathy – I like the cut of your jib and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    TXNick – Gordon Chang has been hearing rumors China is about to invade Taiwan, so that’ll be fun as the U.S stays out of that debacle.


  2. Since we’re in the Funniest End of Civilization Ever, it’ll probably kill off those who have been vaccinated.
    Leaving members of Congress, Fauci, and the well-armed people who hate them.
    Should be quite a hoot.

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  3. Veeshir – I saw somewhere, maybe AOSHQ, which claimed the members of Congress were treated with Ivermectin when they caught the Chinese Wuhan Virus. But remember, it’s totes dangerous for the plebes.

    RD – If by “fix,” you mean weaponizing it, then the answer is probably yes.

    Tam – You posted this before, and it’s always funny in the context.


  4. Any bets that Taiwan has a nuke and if the ball drops the Party headquarters in Bejing suddenly reaches temperatures of the sun?


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