Meet The Russian Rapunzel

Meet Anzhelika Baranova, a Russian nurse who has not cut her hair since she was five years old. She has let her hair grow for the past twenty-three years, with no plan to see a pair scissors anytime soon.

A 28-year-old nurse from the Russian city of Irkutsk has been dubbed the “Russian Rapunzel” after it was revealed that her ankle-long hair hasn’t been cut for 23 years.

Anzhelika Baranova was only five when her hair was last trimmed. Neither she nor her parents planned to let her hair grow for over two decades, it just sort of happened, as if it was meant to be. She was always very proud of her hair, and taking care of it was never much of a chore. She claims she doesn’t do anything special to maintain her locks, she just washes it twice a week with regular shampoo and conditioner and gently brushes it with a comb to ensure she doesn’t break knotted strands.

She’s definitely an attractive woman, but that hair must be difficult to maintain.

Strangely enough, my armpit hair is almost that length.

9 thoughts on “Meet The Russian Rapunzel

    1. You should get a +1 for that, but in reality, it’s at least a +10. I’m thinking your simple comment wins the internet today.


    1. What, too much botox & plastic surgery? (I’ve seen pictures of her without all her make-up & the plaster spackling they have to put on her face to keep her looking “youthful”) She also looks like she had implants on her upper legs & her arms.


  1. Just like that, the Cowsill’s song, “Hair” is running through my mind.
    If I don’t keep them trimmed, the weird hairs from my ears might be waist length by now.


  2. With a little creative hairstyling she really would have no need for clothes. I’m sure this has been brought up to her but you know how stubborn some women can be.

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