You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

Singapore is dabbling with a new way to defund the police. In this case, they are releasing robot policemen on the populace, and they were apparently programmed by American Karens.

New “robot policemen” patrolling the streets of Singapore are designed to make people feel safe, but in some cases they’re having the opposite effect.

The autonomous robots – names “Xavier” – are equipped with seven cameras that enable them to detect “undesirable social behaviour” such as people chaining bikes up where they shouldn’t, or groups gathering in defiance of Singapore’s strict anti-coronavirus social distancing rules.

I imagine it shouts, “WEAR YOUR MASK!” every two minutes.

For example, when a small crowd gathered to watch a chess match between two elderly players Xavier rolled up to break it up. The robot instructed them to “please keep one-metre distancing, please keep to five persons per group,” as it scanned them with one of its seven cameras.

Yeah, I cannot understand why people are annoyed by these rusted bucket of bolts. I wonder if they shoo the ladyboys away from the red light districts?

4 thoughts on “You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

  1. I see opportunities to embarrass the cops here. Put sticky advertisements for porn sites, movies, etc. all over the robo-twats.

    I’m sure the locals will outdo that in no time. One thing I learned from working all over Asia is to never underestimate the ingenuity of the locals.


  2. I wonder if they are connected with BlueTooth or other wireless means to inform headquarters? How long till one is hacked into and goes on a rampage


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