Britain Has Lost Its Bloody Mind

A 66-year old, wheelchair-bound British prisoner was just given another six months in prison for slapping a female guard on her rear-end.

An inmate nearing the end of his sentence has been jailed for an extra six months after repeatedly slapping a female prison officer’s backside.

Paul Morgan, 66, laughed when the guard at HMP Wormwood Scrubs challenged him, saying he ‘just got a bit excited’. But he broke down in tears as a judge extended his sentence for an act of ‘degradation and humiliation’ against a ‘vulnerable’ victim who was ‘just doing her job’.

The wheelchair-bound prisoner was soon to be released from the Category B prison, where he was sent for harassment and breaching a restraining order, when the unnamed officer turned her back on him on July 3.

This is ridiculous. Sure, Morgan shouldn’t have slapped the guard’s ass, but he’s 66-years old, and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He is obviously not a security risk, keeping him in prison for another six months is idiotic.

She told the court: ‘He slapped my buttocks multiple times with both hands. I would never consent to a prisoner touching me there.’

If twenty-seven years in police work taught me anything, that quote is almost always a lie.

7 thoughts on “Britain Has Lost Its Bloody Mind

  1. a judge extended his sentence for an act of ‘degradation and humiliation’ against a ‘vulnerable’ victim who was ‘just doing her job’.

    An experienced and allegedly professional corrections facility guard is suddenly transformed into some precious snowflake and “Vulnerable Victim” because she is a she? What happened to equality? What happened to we just want to be treated the same as everyone else?

    He needs to be punished, but it should be no different than if he laid his hands on a male prison guard.

    When this gets back to the inmates on her block, she will probably be continously humiliated for this White Knight Treatment, “Hey Slappy Ass!” and worse. After all, what else do those punks, thugs and criminals have to do all day?

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    1. Amazingly, it did. No one believes me when I say this is one of the worst cities in America. The El train runs through Philly to Upper Darby, a suburb. If Upper Darby charges this animal, he’ll get a prison sentence. If they charge him in Philly, he’ll get probation. That’s what our Soros-installed D.A. would do.

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