If Ya Ain’t First, Yer Last

You may remember a post last week, where I mentioned Princess P (the redhead on the right) was invited to a Sciathlon at one of the private high schools outside the city. Julia was chosen for the seventh grade team, along with three of her classmates, to attend the science competition.

On the way home from dance Thursday night, I told her to just go out and have fun. It’s not like this would have affected her grades. Her teammates were also her friends, so I think the stress wasn’t really a factor. The Sciathlon lasted about four hours, with a snack break, and the teams competed on the following topics:

1. Shark identification.
2. A Paper Bridge Challenge.
3. An Atom Carnival Escape Room.

At one point, Mrs. Earp texted she was glad she wasn’t participating, because she only knew a few of the answers to the questions. She also said the all-girls school was really nice…

Princess P and her friends had a great time – Julia also noted she got out of a test today for this – and their team would probably like to do it again next year if they were invited. Also, at one point Julia’s team had an issue – there was apparently a giant spider on their table, and the girls freaked out. Thankfully, a male employee walked over and got rid of it.

Oh, I almost forgot, the eighth graders finished in third place, and Princess P’s team finished… FIRST!!!

They were announcing the winners starting from third place and up, and when Princess P’s team heard third and second place, Julia thought they were toast. They were pleasantly surprised.

8 thoughts on “If Ya Ain’t First, Yer Last

  1. RG – Thanks. She was really excited when they said they finished first.

    TXNick – Truth.

    Cathy – Thank you.

    Mike47 – She wasn’t sure how they would do, but they got along and worked together.

    Mike AKA Proof – Thanks. She wore her medal home.


  2. The beginning of the day was how Wyatt described; the girls went to 3 different classrooms to do activities. After that they went to the auditorium to compete in a quizzo competition. 1st was the 7th grade and 2nd was 8th grade. The topics were Biology, Chemistry and Math. That’s where I only knew a few answers. Julia said for as much as she hates doing the math vocabulary in school it really helped. And that’s where the spider showed up. Luckily during the 8th grade turn and not while Julia and friends were working on answering questions.


    1. Mrs. Earp, you should comment more often here. It would keep all us on our best behaviour. Me included.

      As I mentioned to Wyatt a few times, you are truly blessed with with your children. Next time he slips off to Texas, tag along. I know my wife and I would love to meet you.

      All the best….


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