Viper? I Hardly Know Her!

An Indian man was given two life sentences after he killed his wife with a King Cobra and a viper. I mean, I know malt liquor isn’t for everyone, but egads!

Sooraj Kumar, 28, set loose a highly venomous Russell’s viper snake on his wife Uthra that left her in hospital for almost two months, prosecutors in the southern Kerala state said.

While she recovered at her parents’ house, he obtained a cobra from a snake handler and threw it at his sleeping wife. Its poisonous bite killed the 25-year-old woman in May 2020.

Kumar was arrested from his home last year after Uthra’s parents raised suspicions, alleging that their daughter was being harassed for more dowry. The woman’s parents said Kumar tried to take control of her property after the death.

People in India still demand a dowry? Not for nothing, but what acceptable dowry could be gained in 21st Century New Delhi? Clean water, a seat on the inside of a train? Help me out here.

3 thoughts on “Viper? I Hardly Know Her!

  1. He got a double life sentence for her murder. He needs to serve them in a snake pit.

    But he’d have nothing to fear from the snakes… he’s one of their own.


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