Biden Says The Quiet Part Loud

The illegitimate president visited the Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford, Connecticut Friday, and he decided to be totally truthful with the toddlers he was hugging.

“I like kids better than people,” President Biden said Friday after getting a hug from a toddler in Connecticut while nearby protesters bellowed, “F–k Joe Biden.”

“When I talked to all your folks out on the playground, I joked that everybody knows I like kids better than people. Fortunately they like me. That’s why maybe I like them,” Biden said during a speech in Hartford.

Oh, we’re well aware. We’ve seen you fondling them and sniffing their hair, you scumbag.

Biden, 78, kneeled outside the Capitol Child Development Center and gave one child a hug and spoke to several others. But the playground cheer was nearly drowned out by immigration reform activists and some supporters of former President Donald Trump.

Less than ten months in office, and even leftists despise this borderline pedophile. The “F**k Joe Biden chant” is one of the most entertaining parts of his presidency, and I will never tire of hearing it.

4 thoughts on “Biden Says The Quiet Part Loud

  1. I mean, look where his hand is in that picture. It amazes me that he has gotten away with all his inappropriate touching and feeling as long as he has.


  2. I had to explain to my wife this afternoon the term, “Let’s Go Brandon.” She had caught the original chant yesterday somewhere (she still watches NFL games). And then I had to explain how that one came into being.

    She is so innocent. At times. 🙂


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