Creepy Creeper Creeps Creepily

Meet Thomas Martin Marnets of Pasco County, Florida.

Thomas was bored one day last week, so he decided to make things interesting by breaking into a residential home and staring at a sleeping girl for a few minutes. Because this guy surely does not look like a sexual predator.

Pasco County sheriff’s officials say they have arrested a man who broke into a family’s home in Holiday, then stood in the doorway of a sleeping girl’s room for several minutes.

Thomas Martin Marnets, 52, of Longwood, was arrested Thursday night in connection with the incident, which had occurred earlier in the day just before 1 a.m. Deputies said Marnets broke through the home’s garage door, then was able to break through a lock to get into the home.

Then things get a little weird…

Once inside, he walked to the doorway of the girl’s room and stood there for about three minutes before walking away, arrest reports state. A video surveillance system inside the home recorded what happened, reports state.

“He is captured with his hands inside of the front of his shorts,” the report states.

Yeah, totally not a predator.

Marnets claimed he did commit a burglary because he did not take anything. In most jurisdictions, breaking into a residence is enough to charge for burglary, whether you take anything or not. I learned that by watching Law & Order.

9 thoughts on “Creepy Creeper Creeps Creepily

  1. MelP – He is, but this guy is #1a.

    Ronni – It’s really disgusting. Good thing he didn’t do that in my house, because he would have been placed into a vat of acid.


  2. Ya know if we started Tar and feathering these types and then played pinata with them maybe the message would get out you creep out over children and you wind up swinging from a rope.


  3. “Honest, Officer… I was cleaning my shotgun and when I saw him in my daughter’s doorway, I flinched and the gun went off.

    “Right between his testicles.”

    Back when I was a kid, there weren’t nearly as many rapists and child molesters running loose.

    There were death penalties for rape and child molestation. And the laws were enforced.


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