Philadelphia Officially Embraces Chaos

The city of Philadelphia – the worst city in America, in my opinion – has decided to ban police from making traffic stops for low-level traffic offenses. The drunken idiot mayor claims stopping traffic offenders is, get this, racist.

Philadelphia became the first major city to ban police traffic stops of low-level motor vehicle offenses, a tactic which critics claim disproportionately affects black people.

The Philadelphia City Council passed two Driving Equity bills on Thursday that Mayor James Kenney is is expected to sign into law this week.

Jim Kenney is a drunken stumblebum, who is despised by the left and the right. He is arguably the worst mayor this city has ever seen, and when he claimed he was going to run for Pennsylvania governor, everyone laughed at him. He rescinded that idea almost immediately.

The law creates an open searchable database recording traffic stops and prohibits police officers from stopping drivers for minor offenses by reclassifying several offenses as secondary violations.

In Philadelphia, people of color are 3.4 times as likely to be pulled over as white people, according to WPVI, which analyzed city police and US Census data.

Wow, maybe that’s because blacks are the largest section of the population at 43.8%? Or maybe because blacks in Philadelphia usually live in the most violent neighborhoods? Do you think that has a correlation to traffic infractions, because I cannot count how many people in the ‘hood blow through red lights, speed down narrow streets, and strike pedestrians before fleeing the scene.

13 thoughts on “Philadelphia Officially Embraces Chaos

  1. Just curious… does this policy apply to people with any skin pigment, or just certain pigments? It would be interesting to know what a low level traffic offense is. Red light? Stop Sign? Speed? Maybe even DUI. I imagine hit and run is also a low level offense now too. I’m sure he got the go ahead from F. Joe Biden.


  2. RG – It apparently pertains to all pigments, surprisingly. We already have a severe problem with vehicle accidents, so I assume those will continue to skyrocket.


  3. Mark – Parts of Center City are still sort of okay, but honestly, North Philly is a war zone – about ten blocks north of Vine Street – and there is still a lot of homeless in Center City.


    1. I will say most of the historic areas are still pretty good. Independence Mall, Betsy Ross House, the Art Museum are all usually devoid to homeless people and thugs.


    1. With the number of uninsured drivers in Philly, and the chances of lucking into deep pockets being some remote…I still contend that it’s gonna take “animals that are more equal than other animals” getting injured


  4. This is stupid. Here in California our previous governor made it so all the repeat traffic scofflaws had their fines forgiven. Now they can’t figure out why traffic crashes and fatalities are way up.


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