Thank You, And Float Again

An enterprising adventurer decided to detail his account of his first-ever visit to a McDonald’s restaurant. Oh, did I mention the restaurant is located in Hamburg, Germany, and it is the world’s only “float-thru McDonald’s?” Yeah, it’s wild.

While on location in Germany, the ever-curious Tom Scott kayaked down the Elbe river to the Mittelkanal in Hamburg to experience McBoat, the world’s only “float-through” McDonald’s. While the restaurant itself is not in a floating building, they do take orders from those who are traveling by river. When the order is ready, an employee delivers the food to the customer waiting on the water.

“On a little canal off the Elbe river in Germany, sits the McBoat: the world’s only paddle-through McDonalds. It seemed like the sort of thing I should investigate.”

If I may make a suggestion, if you decide to kayak to this McDonald’s, it’s probably a good idea to cut a hole in the bottom. McDonald’s food is prone to, um, intestinal issues.

8 thoughts on “Thank You, And Float Again

  1. Proving that one can have a Big Mac and fries almost anywhere you are. Might be fun to try as long as you like being on the water.


  2. I ate at McD’ in Europe once, just to do it. They charged me for ketchup. I almost said, “But I’m an American! We don’t pay for ketchup!”
    Part of the point of travel is to eat their food. Except England and Scotland of course.
    I saw Americans walking out of a Pizza Hut in Florence, Italy once.
    I almost smacked them. One of the regrets on my deathbed will probably be that I didn’t.


      1. And gators would love him!
        The circle of life.

        I traveled across Kenya in the 80s eating at ‘road’side places. A hubcap full of oil for chips (fries) and a slab of metal cooking meat covered in red curry.
        I never asked what kind of meat, I mostly hoped it wasn’t people, I never got sick so it was a win.

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