Moron Mother Murders Male Cyclist

A 77-year old Utah driver reportedly struck a cyclist three – THREE! – times in the course of a few minutes. How did this woman drive over the cyclist three times? You won’t believe it.

Warren Yoshio Watanabe, 62, was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk in Roy on Sept. 20 and was passing Warren’s Family Restaurant, 5523 S. 3500 West, when a car pulling out of the parking lot hit him.

I go cycling often, and it’s usually on the streets of Philadelphia. Every day I go out, I ask myself, “Is this the day I get hit by some jackass driver?”

The woman driving the car backed up, paused, then drove forward and struck the bicyclist again. The woman again backed up, paused “and then drives forward and at this time, she runs over Warren who is lying on the ground directly in front of the vehicle”

The woman then put her car in reverse for a third time and ran over Watanabe one more time going backward, the warrant states. It was then that the woman got out of her car and saw Watanabe on the ground and called 911.

Suffice to say, this woman should have her license revoked. Forever.

The incident was recorded on the restaurant’s security camera. The restaurant’s general manager said it appeared the driver did not realize she had hit a bicyclist.

Watanabe suffered “14 broken ribs, a shattered kidney, a damaged liver, and was unable to breathe on his own” He died from his injuries on Sept. 25.

Normally, I would assume the prosecutor would throw the book at her, but considering her age, and the fact Utah citizens are very “nice,” I’ll bet she does not spend one minute in jail.

Meanwhile, Watanabe’s family is mourning an unnecessary loss.

12 thoughts on “Moron Mother Murders Male Cyclist

  1. I used to ride my bike to work 17 miles. I almost got killed several times and gave up on the commute between my town and the town where I worked. I took my bike in my truck to the edge of the city in which I worked, then rode 8 miles on fancy left wing bike trails. Left wing, in that bicyclists are stupid too, but no bicyclist is EVER wrong. Oh… the town, The People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado. 16 miles a day kept me feeling great most of the time. I only drove if it snowed a lot, otherwise, I did the bike thing almost every work day. I always wondered if a moron like this woman would kill me. So far, so good.


  2. Pro tip: Whenever you’re driving and hear (or feel) a ‘big thump’, you stop the car immediately and see what you hit… unless you’re being chased by zombies, in which case you rush over to your psychiatrist’s office immediately!


  3. RG – Yeah, I’d ride through the park but there are so many walkers and joggers, it’s difficult to get around them.

    Mike AKA Proof – Just don’t run over Mongo; it’ll only make him mad.

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  4. They should take her license away just like they should impound the bikes of the idiots who on the road think the rules of the road don’t apply to them. Many is the time I see them just blow through red lights and stop signs the sense of entitlement with bicyclists is almost as bad as with liberals…but I repeat myself.

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    1. They painted some of the bike paths in my neighborhood recently. In addition to the bike lane symbols, they painted giant arrows on each lane, to signal the riders which side of the street they were supposed to be on. I generally cannot spot three cyclists, where at least two aren’t on the wrong side of the street, and/or on the sidewalk.


  5. I’ve been hit three times while cycling. only one car stopped to see if I was ok… I could hear one guy laughing as he sideswiped me onto the center of a rotary then sped away in his primer colored van. I just don’t bike anymore, there are too many assholes on the road in MA.


  6. Gary – There are bike lanes on most big streets in Philly. I always ride close to the curb, because the a-hole drivers on their phones always drift into the lane.

    Mike AKA Proof – I do like to ride toward traffic, so at least I know when I’m about to be hit by a car. I do stay n the bike lane, though.

    Sully – True enough. When we went to the New Hampshire NASCAR race in July, we drove through Mass. My God they drive like maniacs!


  7. Davenport has marked all their bike lanes on the side streets. They also have several bike paths including one that goes down along the Mississippi River. Lots of places to bike if you enjoy it without dealing with maniac drivers.


  8. Ronni – That would be a fun ride. There is a rider’s route near the Delaware River, but it’s hardly scenic. I assume the Mississippi ride would be great.


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