True Detective Stories

It is not an exaggeration to surmise I have lost the zeal for my job. Sure, I still go in early, do my job professionally and proficiently, and help out the newer detectives when they have questions. Recently however, I have found I do almost everything here.


Every two weeks, the bosses downtown hold a Compstat meeting. They discuss all the crimes over the past two weeks, and grill divisional captains about what they are going to do about it. (The answer is nothing, but everyone has to play the game.)

Monday was very busy, and while I was entering my squad’s jobs, the captain’s aide came out with a pile of paperwork. She said, “The captain needs all of these jobs entered into the Deskman system before you leave for the day.”

I asked the aide how many of these jobs were from my squad, and she replied, “None. You are the only deskperson who has everything entered.” When I asked why I had to enter jobs from the other two shifts, I got a shrug, and a “because the captain said so.”

So, I was forced to enter another twelve jobs on top of the twenty-four I had to enter for my squad.

Look, I understand I’m here for eight hours, and I’m supposed to work the entire time. I also understand if I refused to enter jobs – especially major ones – I would be brought into the captain’s office and reamed out for an hour. To date neither of the other desk people have been questioned about why they have been slacking – fine, whatever – but I should not be the go-to guy when someone else screws up.

When I was finished, I asked the aide why it’s always me putting in the entries. She said, “Because you’re dependable.” Well, that dependability ends in 1,108 days. Good luck getting someone dependable to replace me.

10 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. It amazes me how many people don’t have a decent work ethic. And, even though we may get compliments from our superiors, etc. still doesn’t make up for the fact that some people have no problem with simply skating by.


  2. TXNick – Every day gets me a little closer. I cannot wait to leave this place.

    Cathy – You would think that, but honestly, most of the captains I’ve had were sub-par at best.

    Ronni – The line detectives are terribly short, but there are plenty of M-F 8-4 drones who could lend a hand, but the bosses won’t allow it.


  3. I have worked a few jobs where I was the ‘beast of burden’ because I showed up and worked hard.

    There never seems to be any payoff for that, apart from what you pay yourself in self-respect. Most people take advantage of you, I find.

    Three years man…whew. Here’s to you making it with your mind and body intact.


  4. Mark – Thanks. I know my lieutenant appreciates the work I do here, but it pretty much stops there. I don’t necessarily want to be here for another three years – that will give me thirty – but I have to complete it for early retirement.


  5. I imagine most reading here have many stories of similar situations. Hang in there and keep counting. Every day is a milestone.


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