The Yellowed Homes Of Texas

A Dallas apartment building suffered an explosion after some dumbass thug fired rounds into a stove, clipping the gas line. This occurred last month, but they finally arrested the jackass involved.

Dallas police say an explosion that injured four firefighters and injured several other people at a southern Dallas apartment complex last month was triggered by a suspect who fired into an apartment, hit a stove and severed a gas line.

I’m sure the shooter was top of his class in high school.

Late Tuesday afternoon, detectives obtained seven deadly conduct warrants in connection with the blast. Investigators said the incident is connected to an ongoing domestic dispute between the suspect and his girlfriend.

Jail booking records show 28-year-old Phillip Dankins was booked into jail on charges of aggravated assault, a drug charge and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

I very much enjoyed my visits to Texas, but like every other great red state, the large cities are mostly war zones led by incompetent Democrat enablers.

One wonders if Dankins will be fired from his job. Get it? Fired? Ha, I kill me!

4 thoughts on “The Yellowed Homes Of Texas

    1. As my brother pointed out, on every movie set there is to be a t least one firearms supervisor (?) manager (?) or whatever the title is, to secure and insure that all “prop” guns are either non-firing or unloaded. The rounds used in the guns are supposed to be under charged to prevent just this type of “accident” from occurring.

      That, and Ol’ Alec should have at least taken a gun safety course before picking up the “prop”. A woman lost her life because of his stupidity. But Alec won’t see the inside of a jail cell… he’s a protected liberal.

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