What A Girl Wants?

A Flori-Duh man was arrested after he allegedly created a “sex slave contract” with a seventeen-year old girl after the man purchased a used car for her. I really don’t want to know how he “notarized” it.

In return for purchasing a used car for her friend, a Florida Man allegedly had a 17-year-old girl sign a contract stipulating that she “would be his sex slave twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for the next five years,” according to investigators who have charged the 66-year-old defendant with having sex with a minor.

Andrew Mustapick, of Vero Beach, was arrested last week on the felony charge and subsequently released on $50,000 bond. The twice-divorced Mustapick, who operates a computer repair business, is scheduled for arraignment on October 25.

Twice divorced? I. Am. Shocked!

After picking out a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta at a Fort Pierce dealership, the teens returned with Mustapick to his residence, where he asked the older female to take her clothes off. The victim told cops that her friend refused to disrobe, but instead “convinced her to perform the sexual favors on Andrew because she knew she would do anything for her.”

The victim said that once she agreed to “proceed with the sexual favors,” Mustapick “had her sign a contract that he had written up before they began their sexual encounter.” The teenager recalled “a clause within it stating she would be his sex slave twice a week on Mondays and Fridays for the next five years.”

Not for nothing, but you could probably get away with a sex contract for say, a Lexus or a BMW, but a used Volkswagen Jetta? Come on, man!

7 thoughts on “What A Girl Wants?

  1. As a notary, I can verify that the people who are signing a contract are who they say they are and unless one reads what they are signing completely it could be titled basically contract for repayment of the loan and unless you are a real lawyer you tend to skim the paper and just make sure that there is a place to sign for the parties. But I at least look the paper over just to make sure it seems legal. I for one don’t want to be called into court for something I have notarized. But I agree who in their right mind would sign something like that. Unless there was a large gap between the end of the document and the areas for signatures and the notary stamp. and the sex slave stuff was added later.


    1. Gary – It seemed like the girl was fine with initially, so maybe he put it in there and she figured she’d have to do things for only a few times?


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