Canada Clown Creeps Out Citizen

A Toronto-area man was arrested after he robbed a man with a machete and rode off on a bicycle. Oh, did I mention he was wearing a clown mask?

“The caller indicated a male wearing a clown mask and carrying a machete had dragged another male out of the business,” Guelph police explained in a surreal release. “The other male was able to break free and escape.”

Police say the clown’s getaway attempt was fairly comical. He hoped on a bicycle and tried to ride off with the machete sticking out of his backpack.

A witness said the clown eventually realized he was being a tad conspicuous and tossed the machete. The joker didn’t get far. Officers chased him down and made the arrest.

Bunch of pikers. In Philadelphia, no one would even bat an eye if they saw some guy riding down the street with a machete in his backpack.

5 thoughts on “Canada Clown Creeps Out Citizen

  1. For a moment, I thought you were talking about their version of Gavin (sorry, don’t care enough to look up how to spell his name).


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