True Detective Stories

So let me tell you about my Sunday…

The manpower situation not only hasn’t gotten any better, but it got worse. This week we will be short of four detectives. Two on vacation – including Diego the Idiot Detective – one on military leave, and the other on paid maternity leave. Last night was our first day back on nights, and our list said there would be two detectives and me.

There were no domestic teams, nor any shooting teams. On a Sunday, during football season.

I figured we would just suck it up and try to go on with two detectives and myself. However, moments after I walked into the building, my supervisor said one of the detectives called out sick. Strike that, he actually tried to call out sick, and during the conversation with the supervisor, the guy stated he was taking his son to a rugby game. This douche knew full well we were short-staffed, but decided to screw us anyway…

The female detective is really good, and when she came in she lost her mind after hearing the dolt called out. The supervisor called the captain to ask if we could hire some detectives to help out, and we received permission. We had two detectives, each from a different division, and one of our guys who was off came in to make some O.T.

Tonight will be no better, because I believe we have two different detectives from other divisions coming in, and the dolt. That said, I fully expect the dolt to call out sick again tomorrow, because it’s his last day.

The politicians here swear up and down they are not defunding the police, but they are also not making an effort to replace all those officers and detectives who left the job. Two to three detectives in a division as busy as ours cannot run efficiently with these numbers, but the politicians could not care less. They want anarchy, and it’s coming. Soon.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Cathy – It’s why I refuse to quit. They want to make things so unbearable that people leave in droves. The situation will only get worse, but I’m getting every red cent this city owes me.

    RG – 1,103 right now. With my accumulated sick time, I won’t have to stay that long, because you lose some of your sick if you don’t lose it. I may be able to run my time a few months before my end date.


    1. Wyatt, I cashed out my vacation time (close to $10K after taxes) & added my sick balance to my time served. It was enough to add 10 months to my time served, which increased my retirement amount.

      Thanks, former bitch boss that made it completely impossible for me to go to the doctor.


      1. We can use excess sick time to purchase insurance for up to five years, I believe, so I may not run a lot of time. The insurance we have is spectacular; it’s literally the only good perk we have.


  2. Mark – You’re likely correct, and I believe what people are saying at the HQ about federalizing all police. That will be a nightmare if it comes to fruition.


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