Customer Gets Crispy With KFC Worker

A Flori-Duh woman was arrested after she assaulted a KFC worker. The woman slapped the employee because she believed her service was below par.

A chicken enthusiast is facing felony burglary and child abuse charges after allegedly striking a teenage worker in the neck because she was “unhappy with the service at the KFC drive-through window.”

Alexandra Maldonado, 23, was arrested Friday afternoon following the confrontation at a KFC near her St. Petersburg residence.

Investigators allege that Maldonado, displeased with the service, walked up to the drive-thru window and hit the 16-year-old victim, “causing a visible red mark 1” x 4” in size.” Maldonado, who works at a Metro PCS store, reached into the drive-thru window to strike the girl.

Now, while I do not condone the assault, I must say the offender is much more attractive than I expected. She’s not a beauty queen, but I expected Helen Thomas.

3 thoughts on “Customer Gets Crispy With KFC Worker

  1. Assaulting a 16 year old over poor service at the drive thru window seems harsh. These places are lucky they can find workers these days.


  2. To prevent her from assaulting any innocent person for a while, I’d suggest a 30 year sentence in a state resort of few amenities. And at the end of the sentence, no one would call her attractive.

    I clicked on another article on that site’s homepage and Lordy, look what I found:

    I had heard about how the Hildabeast treated “the hired help,” but this does take the cake.


  3. Ronni – When we were headed to the NASCAR race in New Hampshire, we stopped for dinner in Massachusetts. It took almost an hour to be seated and another hour for our food. They had maybe three waitresses.

    TXNick – I know a few people in the department who helped with the protection detail in the 2016 DNC Convention. To a person, they all said she is a horrible human being.


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