F Joe Biden Is A National Disgrace

Family members of twenty-six American hostages have sent a letter to the illegitimate president, asking the administration why nothing has been done to recover their loved ones and bring them home. It appears these twenty-six Americans are not those stuck in Afghanistan, but other hostile countries around the globe.

The letter, obtained by the outlet, said that the administration appeared to be getting “bogged down in burdensome processes or policy debates that keep our loved ones from coming home and keep us uninformed of what you can and cannot do to help us.”

“We need to be shown that the promises of your administration to prioritize the return of our family members are not empty. Now is the time for action. Now we need you to bring our fellow Americans home,” the letter declared. The letter says that in some instances the families feel like they are in a “worse” situation currently than they were eight months ago.

If I were one of these family members, I would be doing much more than writing letters. I’d be outside the White House, 24/7 screaming at the administration with a bullhorn.

The relatives said they felt optimistic on the heels of a call earlier this year with Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

But they said that subsequently they have not been able to meet the president or national security adviser Jake Sullivan, “which leads us to believe that your administration is not prioritizing negotiations and other methods to secure their release.”

Apologies if this sounds rude, but why would these people believe Blinken, Sullivan, or anyone else from this administration would lift a finger to rescue their family members? It’s a serious question. The administration claims there are two hundred Americans still in Afghanistan – I believe that number is much larger – and they haven’t done a thing since since August 31st.

I mean, I’m truly sorry they and their family members are going through this, but if they’re hanging their hat on F. Joe Biden, they will be sorely disappointed.

UPDATE: The Pentagon just announced there are 450 Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. It’s almost like they have been lying to us for two months.

4 thoughts on “F Joe Biden Is A National Disgrace

  1. Come on fjb! Get these people home. Open up the Alaskan pipe. Cancel covid! Give back to Trump what you stole. Then go back to your basement & shut the F%&K UP!

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  2. RG – It’s hilarious because I doubt no one had the stones to tell the “president” it’s about him.

    Cathy – The Democrats took away Trump’s first term, then cheated their way to stop Trump’s second term. This prick knows it, and he doesn’t care.

    Mike AKA Proof – Bailey and Fitzgerald did not subsist solely on ice cream.


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