Woman Really Enjoyed Her Package

A video has surfaced showing a woman doing the Amazon Walk of Shame after she allegedly was banging a delivery driver inside the vehicle. I wonder if she is a Prime Member?

A video of a woman exiting the back of an Amazon delivery vehicle has some speculating about what exactly happened before someone began filming.

The video, posted to TikTok by @patrickhook01, shows a woman exiting the delivery van, causing some fellow users of the video-sharing app to question what the two were doing in there.

Some suggested she was euphemistically receiving a package——that is, engaging in strictly adult activities with the driver in the back of the van.

I’m actually okay with this. Amazon delivery drivers usually work ten to twelve-hour shifts – I looked into doing that after retirement… hard pass – and eventually these guys and girls need a break. As long as they’re doing it on break, and aren’t doing it in the open, it’s fine by me.

P.S. – I’ll give the girl this, she at least dressed for the occasion. Looking good, honey!

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