Americans Have Become Humorless

A gaggle of angry Karens took to Twitter – where else? – to whine about a couple who wore suggestive t-shirts to Walt Disney World. Oh noes, whatever will we do?

Angry Disney fans are calling for the Mouse House to ban inappropriate garb after a couple was photographed wearing sexually suggestive T-shirts at Disney World.

Over the weekend, fans posted a photo of a couple wearing matching shirts that riffed on Disney’s “D” calligraphy. One shirt read, “I wanted the D,” while the other said, “I gave her the D.” The non-family-friendly shirts, which are sold on Etsy and Amazon, caused a firestorm on Twitter.

Most of you know how much I despise Disney and their overpriced parks, so you can imagine how much I love these shirts.

The Post reached out to Disney World and Disneyland for comment but have yet to hear back. But both parks do state on their websites that they have the right to refuse entry or to remove any guest wearing inappropriate attire.

The couple enter the park unencumbered, so the gate attendants obviously did not have a problem with the t-shirts. The Karens, however, were another story. Imagine being so angry all day, every day.

9 thoughts on “Americans Have Become Humorless

    1. The New Puritans, exactly.
      Humorless scolds worried that someone, somewhere, is enjoying life.
      (Insert judge’s rant from Ghostbusters II here)

      My favorite Disner-wear was the mother/daughter pair with their boobs hanging/sticking out (respectively ) of holes in their shirts with fuzzy something pasties.
      No uproar over that one.
      Just lots of contemplation.

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  1. I went to Disneyland once in the early 1970’s, and Disney World twice (glutton for punishment) in the 1990’s. Best thing about all three visits? The clam chowder in a bread bowl at one of their “refueling” stands.

    Close behind the clam chowder was the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

    These days, I’ll just make my own clam chowder and save a bundle. And not have to deal with the AWFLs. (Affluent White Female Liberals.)


  2. I too went to Disneyland in the 70’s. It was okay, but even then, the lines weren’t worth the hassle. I’d rather just have the t-shirt.


    1. I went the week before Christmas in the early 90s, it was empty. No lines or very short lines for everything. It was cold, they were out of warm sweatshirts and hoodies.
      Christmas day it went crazy, that was our last day and we cut it very short. It was no fun.


  3. MelP – The power of Karen is strong.

    Mushdogs – Agreed. The shirts are fantastic, and screw anyone who is offended by that.

    TXNick – When we were at the NASCAR race in New Hampshire this summer, a guy was walking around with an F YOU t-shirt. Probably not appropriate, but no one really cared.

    RG – Yeah, that’s a problem everywhere, except for Knoebels. The lines there weren’t a problem at all.


  4. Cool shirts. Looks like they have sweatshirts around their waists. Probably took them off as soon as they got past security.


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