Philly Police Officer Shot

A police officer from the 19th District – located in West Philadelphia – was shot twice yesterday by a fine, upstanding citizen in the Overbrook section of the city.

Two 19th District officers responded to the 5700 block of Overbrook Avenue for a report of a person with a gun when the suspect opened fire, sources say. FOX 29’s Kelly Rule reports the suspect had a hammer and pickaxe. The two officers returned fire.

The officer was shot in the leg and suffered an injury to the back of the head that may have been a graze wound. The officer is conscious and in stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

We heard the radio call as I walked into the building. Good to see the officer will be okay.

Sources confirm the suspect was taken to Lankenau Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting occurred three blocks from Saint Joseph’s University, my Alma mater. It’s always been a violent neighborhood, but the thugs usually avoided the university.

12 thoughts on “Philly Police Officer Shot

  1. Ronni -Thank you, but I’m effectively a desk jockey. It’s the cops who are at risk, especially in this garbage town.

    RG – I try. We had three homicides last night. We’ll easily eclipse 500 this year.


  2. MelP – It’s insane, but this is what the “president” wants and it’s what Soros wants. America will be dead in twenty years, if not sooner.

    TXNick – Yeah, he attacked the cop with a hammer then started firing. He will not be missed.


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