Happy Halloween!

Okay, this is obviously an old photo, but it features the kids right before going Trick or Treating. Tonight will be bittersweet, because Kevin and Julia are getting older, and pretty soon they won’t be going out for Halloween anymore.

It’s also bittersweet, because I have to work – again – on Halloween. Since we’re so short right now, I can’t take a day off, so while my kids are walking the neighborhood, I’ll be sitting at a desk, wishing I was home. The worst part about this job is missing the events in my children’s lives.

If Mrs. Earp can send me a photo of the kids tonight, I’ll post it here.

Julia dyed her hair so she could be Alice Cooper, and Kevin decided to be The Cardboard Knight.

I think both came out looking pretty cool. Also, my cousin and his daughter were a Sith Lord and Cinderella. Notice the Beetlejuice Sandworm behind them.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I glanced at the bottom photo and thought for a second, “Why is the little girl holding a Tardis from Doctor Who?
    Then I took a second look.

    We welcomed only one trick or treater last night.

    Cool Philly phamily photos.


  2. I was out of candy in 45 minutes. Everyone was out last night after not having trick or treat last year. It was a fun time! I love the Alice Cooper look!!


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