Recruitment Visit #1 Was A Success

So Thursday afternoon Erik and I traveled to Alderson Broaddus University in Philippi, West Virginia. The school has been recruiting him for their lacrosse team, so we took two days to visit the campus, talk to the coach and learn about the school.

The journey was 350 miles from Philadelphia, but amazingly, the ride was really nice. The PA Turnpike, then parts of Maryland, and right into West Virginia. We stayed in a hotel Thursday night because the meeting was not scheduled until Friday at 11am. I’ll say this, because everyone always makes fun of West Virginia; the state is truly gorgeous, especially as the leaves turn colors. It is also, from what we’ve seen, it is very, very red. We saw more Trump flags and banners than I would have imagined.

I’ll also say West Virginians, for the most part are incredibly nice. We stopped at a few gas stations, rest, stops, and stores, and everyone was genuinely nice. When we arrived on campus, we didn’t know the lay of the land, and a student came over, gave us directions, and said, “Have a nice day.”

We arrived on campus and headed to the building to meet the lacrosse coach. The guy was much larger than I thought – tall, not fat – and he was extraordinarily nice. Erik filled out the application, and received a folder of all the things he needed to do to apply. He also said 70% of the students there participate in athletics.

The coach gave us a tour of the campus and its facilities, and offered us a history lesson, to boot. At the top of the campus hill, there are concrete placements where cannons were installed. On June, 3, 1861, the Battle of Philippi was fought – the first organized land battle of the Civil War -although it was more of a skirmish…

The view overlooking Philippi, West Virginia. It would have been better if it hadn’t rained all day.

The grand tour continued, and we checked out the dorms, the cafeteria, the student center, a few classrooms, and finally, the lacrosse facilities. The coliseum – below – is magnificent. When we pulled into the campus, Erik said, “Wow, that stadium is awesome.” We toured the weight room, the trainer’s room, and the lacrosse locker room. Finally, the coach showed Erik all the swag he’ll get it he decides to go to AB. Game gloves, practice gloves, shooting jerseys, game jerseys, practice, jerseys, pretty much all you need to show off your sport.

After the tour, we stopped by the student store, and Erik got a t-shirt and a lacrosse hat to remember the visit. The only bad part was the ride home. Torrential rains, very low visibility, and a stressed-out dad trying to avoid the idiot drivers on the highways.

Erik said he’s still not sure if he wants to go to college, but he did enjoy the visit and the tour. I guess we’ll see what happens, but Alderson Broaddus seems like a small, tight-knit school where he could do well.

6 thoughts on “Recruitment Visit #1 Was A Success

  1. Erik may want to wait until after the election for governor. If McAuliff gets in (God help WV), he may want to consider a different school, since he doesn’t believe parents should have any say on what their kids learn in school.


  2. Ronni – Thanks. I really liked the campus, it’s surrounded by the mountains, and the school has less students than Erik’s high school.

    MelP – That’s Virginia, not West Virginia. Jim Justice is the WV governor, and he’s very conservative. It’s a beautiful state, especially when the leaves change colors.


  3. The song “Take me home country roads”, “almost heaven…” was inspired by the hills of western Maryland, the panhandle you drove through. “western Maryland” didn’t fit the rhyme scheme.


  4. Maryland is also a beautiful state, but Baltimore ruins its politics, so hard pass. I could live in WV. There are a lot of poor towns, but there were a lot of really nice areas, with homes on the mountainside.

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