Bob Evans, Down On The Harm

An Indiana woman is lucky to be alive after she “sat on her purse in the bathroom” and “the pistol discharges thanks to the power of her magic ass.”

A woman is going to be okay after she accidentally shot herself in the head in restaurant in New Albany, Indiana.

Police said the woman sat on her purse while in the bathroom at Bob Evans and her gun accidentally discharged. She was struck and injured when the bullet ricocheted.

Usually, I sit on the toilet seat when I’m in the bathroom. If she was sitting on her purse, how exactly was she going to pee or drop some kids off at the pool?

Her injury is considered non-life-threatening, New Albany Police Chief Bailey said. No one else was injured in the incident. Police didn’t release the woman’s name.

I checked the nationwide database, and the woman’s name is Imma Neva Gettin Another Gun.

6 thoughts on “Bob Evans, Down On The Harm

  1. What are the odds that that’s just the story she told the police after the fact. My guess is that she was fooling around with the gun and had an AD. She’s trying to get out of some kind of reckless endangerment charge.

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