The City Will Be Pickled Tink!

Pittsburgh, PA has announced the particulars for their Christmas Light Up this year, and while the celebration will have the usual attractions, something odd will be the headliner.

The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership has announced more details about plans for the 2021 Highmark Light Up Night celebration.

It was previously announced that this year’s Light Up Night would be held on Saturday, Nov. 20, rather than the Friday celebration of years past.

BJ Sounds of the Stage will bring live musical performances to Market Square. And the World’s Largest Pickle Ornament will be on display at EQT Plaza.

In any other American city, this would be a bizarre move; but since Pittsburgh citizens put French fries in their sandwiches, a giant pickle ornament is par for the course.

13 thoughts on “The City Will Be Pickled Tink!

  1. I know that in German houses, they hide a pickle ornament in the tree & the 1st child that finds it on Christmas morning gets an extra gift. I wonder what Philly will give as the extra gift? A fun filled evening with the drunk mayor?

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  2. MelP – I’d settle for a soft pretzel. Oh, by the way, F Joe Biden is forcing diversity into the city, by forcing projects to be built in residential neighborhoods. I cannot leave this dump soon enough,


    1. With any luck, the projects will be built in the more well to do (liberal) parts of the city & they can bask in the wokeness.


  3. Glad that we got out of the city 17 years ago and moved to the ‘burbs. The outgoing mayor did everything that he could to turn the place into a mini Portland. Now they have an incoming mayor who doesn’t even speak proper English. I think that his big goal is to turn the whole place into the projects with low cost housing everywhere. If Pittsburgh wasn’t doomed before it surely is now……..


    1. My niece went to Pitt. She adored it and the city. She teaches school there but she’s not one of these clown teachers. I’d like to think she eventually gets out to the burbs before it’s too late.


      1. My wife is a retired science teacher from the city school system. She loved her job and the kids for good while, but everything started going down hill and rapidly picked up speed. It got to the point to where she dreaded going in to work. There are still a few nice schools in the district and I hope that your niece’s stays that way for her entire career. The last three superintendents have gone from bad to worse with the latest being forced to resign. The lovely missus said that the interim replacement is a really good guy, however they will probably replace him with another dud as has been the case for the last decade and a half…..


        1. Probably, because we cannot have competent people in places of power anymore. I hate coming here anymore. The politicians hate us, the commissioner hates us, and the citizens hate us. I don’t care about their opinions as a rule, but it makes this job mush worse than it needs to be.


  4. I happen to like every so often a sandwich with fries on it. There was a good BBQ place where on top of the brisket or turkey sandwich you could add things and one option was fries, it added to the flavor of the sandwich. Sadly they have closed and with them one of the few places I could get real hushpuppies (not the ones where someone puts bits of real corn in them ((shudder)) )

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  5. Gary – Can’t do it. I’ve always had a thing about my food touching other food. The missus says I need those plates with sections where the items are separated.


    1. I’m pretty much the same way with my food as you are. I could probably tolerate a few fries on certain sandwiches like fish, but I certainly don’t want other sides thrown on top. Primanti Bros. is the famous Pittsburgh establishment where they put fries and coleslaw on top of everything. To me it looks like something that came out of a dumpster. Whoa be unto he who asks for the toppings on the side. Even worse than that is the KFC Famous Bowl. Creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and bite-sized chunks of crispy chicken are layered together then drizzled with home-style gravy and topped with a perfect blend of three shredded cheeses (from KFC website). Ack! I thought that poutine was bad enough, but no, just no…….

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