Smashville Finally Earns Its Name

Say you’re one of those go-getters who realized there is dignity in work. You applied for a job at a Nashville McDonald’s and are happy to be earning a living. You’re working the fry bin, and while you’re draining the oil from the fries, some disgusting thug strikes you with a fry scooper. Welcome to Biden’s America.

Metro Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman who punched a McDonald’s employee for taking too long to make her order.

The woman reportedly became angry when her food took longer than she expected, so she walked behind the counter and struck an employee holding the metal fry scooper, leaving a gash on the victim’s forehead, the release states.

This woman is looks exactly like I imagined. An entitled POS who thinks she can do anything to anyone and get away with it. In Nashville, she probably can.

Quick story. When Erik and I were driving home from his recruitment day at Alderson Broaddus, we stopped at Wendy’s halfway through the trip. The line was long, but it was raining so we waited. When our order was ready, the window girl said it would be a moment for the fries to be ready. We pulled up to a parking spot and waited.

Ten minutes later, the fries were ready. We didn’t scream, we didn’t assault anyone, and while we were annoyed, we didn’t curse them. Sometimes, crap happens. You can either cope with it or decide to assault an innocent person trying to do her job.

11 thoughts on “Smashville Finally Earns Its Name

  1. Another blue city run by leftist twits, filled with leftist twits, and ruined by leftist twits. Welcome to the New World Order. We’re DOOMED!


    1. I like how someone described Pennsylvania: “Pittsburg on the west, Philadelphia on the east, and Alabama between.”

      BTW, my little Lady loves Pennsylvania. She wanted us to move there shortly after she saw the countryside. The state income tax was the killer on that.


  2. Does she not realize that fries are hotter when they take longer? Nothing worse than cold fries. Unless it is a crazy bitch hitting you over fries


  3. One of these days, one of these women will, with their inflated opinions of themselves and their ability to fight, assault the wrong person, who will absorb the blow, turn, seize that woman, and get primeval on her ass.

    That woman will discover just how hard the floor is when her head is being rammed against it.

    And I will read the news story on Citizen Free Press, chuckle a bit at the tragedy that woman’s life has become because of her impatience and hubris, say to myself, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” and then go on with my life, forgetting it ever happened.


  4. I can imagine someone going all Rorschach on the b**ch and giving her a fryer oil facial.

    Diego shows up at the scene: What happened?
    Employee: She slipped and fell in the fryer. You know customers are not allowed in this area. Things like this are why. It is really dangerous back here. Here, have a triple cheeseburger and a large order of fries while you write up the accident report.
    Diego: Add a chocolate shake and you got a deal.

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