Toy Story

Meet Crystal Dunham of Corbin, Kentucky. Crystal got into trouble with the law after she borrowed an adult toy from her cousin and refused to give it back.

Police were dispatched late last month to a home in the city of Corbin after the occupant, Crystal Denham, called 911 to report that she had stabbed a relative.

The 33-year-old Denham told officers that Michael Barton “had come to her residence and they had gotten into an argument over a sex toy.” Specifically, Denham added, “she had borrowed it and he wanted it back.”

I’m hoping the guy wanted it back for his girlfriend, and not for him. *shudder*

Sadly, the sex toy in question is not further described in the citation, which identifies Barton as Denham’s “cousin and neighbor.”

Denham claimed that after she told Barton to get off her property, he “grabbed her by the elbow.” Denham said she then “used the kitchen knife in her hand to stab him,” but said she “didn’t think she even drew blood.”

I mean, who expects to see blood when you stab someone in the hand? Seriously Kentucky, you are making yourselves look like idiots.

7 thoughts on “Toy Story

  1. For Pete’s sake, how expensive are these “toys”? Spend a couple bucks and buy your own to use whenever and wherever. Idiots abound!!


  2. Ew, I wouldn’t want a sex toy back that someone else borrowed.

    However, I would be nice enough to tell them that they need to go to the doctor ASAP & toss the toy, “just in case”…


  3. {Old joke alert!}

    You know why murders are so hard to solve in Kentucky?

    1) No dental records, and
    2) The DNA is all the same.


  4. Ronni – It’s not like inflation is hitting sex toys. Well, not yet, anyway.

    MelP – And probably douse the toy – and the person – with bleach just to make sure.

    TXNick – Nice.


  5. Sharing a sex toy?
    So is that better or worse than sharing a toothbrush?

    Not describing the sex toy is a crime against journalism.
    We got who, where, when and how, what we don’t got.
    Blow up doll or gigantic penis make the story wildly different. Was it his or a girlfriend’s or his sister’s or his mother’s?
    This article raises more questions than it answers.


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