I’m Heaving On A Jet Plane…

A Las Vegas company is now renting jet planes for horny couples who want to join the Mile High Club. Of course, you could get it on in the comfort of your own room, and save the ridiculous $995 fee for a forty-five minute slobber knocker.

Pilot Anthony Blake’s job involves aimlessly cruising the clouds in a twin-engine Cessna while, in the back of the plane, his passengers get frisky.

“As the plane sways,” he said of the lightweight aircraft, “I often know who is where and who moved first.”

For $995, couples can charter a Love Cloud jet for 45 minutes and get busy while Blake, 51, flies them 5,280 feet above Las Vegas. Should that not be enough time to get your propeller spinning, sessions range up to $1,495 for an hour and a half. Seat belts can be ditched two minutes after takeoff.

The Cessna is tricked out with a bed, red satin sheets and “sex position pillow,” but don’t expect to get too comfy: A twin mattress is all that will fit in the cabin.

Good grief, I sincerely hope the pilot doesn’t have to disinfect everything afterward. Nasty.

6 thoughts on “I’m Heaving On A Jet Plane…

    1. Not sure. I would like to know if the pilot tapes the excursions. Because I cannot imagine flying a jet is easy when someone is yelling, “GIVE IT TO ME!” for an hour.


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