True Detective Stories

Friday evening was something else. The previous deskman left me twenty-one unassigned jobs, detectives and police officers were held late in case of any Rittenhouse riots – there were none – and, sadly, Diego was present.

None of those instances were nearly as annoying as the job two officers brought in.

So, two officers were downstairs by the cell room. They were getting ready to transport a prisoner to police headquarters for further processing. As they were leading the – cuffed – prisoner out to the wagon, the prisoner tried to steal an officer’s firearm.

While. He. Was. Handcuffed…

One of the first things they teach you in the academy is to always protect your service weapon. When you’re leading a prisoner to a vehicle, always keep your pistol on the far side of the prisoner. When making a car stop, always try to keep your weapon far away from the suspect’s open window.

Apparently, they taught us so well, that I still remember it twenty-eight years later.

I don’t know what – if anything – was going through these officers’ minds, but the fact they allowed a prisoner to grab their weapon is disturbing. What is equally disturbing is the prisoner did not receive a hospital trip afterward. The man tried to murder these cops, and the officers apparently thought he wasn’t serious.

This police department, and many other blue city departments, have completely lost their way.

6 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. The problem (or at least one of) is how these people are being taught. Whether it’s CRT or whatever it’s going to be rebranded as, or how to keep from hurting someone’s feewings or whatever cr@p the idiots in charge come up with next, people aren’t being taught common sense and/or how to protect themselves.


  2. MelP – A veteran officer works downstairs because he was injured on duty. He and I tell these clowns stuff like this is going to get you hurt and/or fired. They rarely listen, so when they get locked up, I’ll rarely care.


  3. Ingineer – When an officer is killed in the line of duty, everyone in the department puts up $20 for the officer’s family. I would have a hard time doing that if this dumbass got shot.

    Kitty – Mayfair is only a few neighborhoods south of mine. The trash is moving north, and in five to ten years, my really nice neighborhood will be overrun by thugs.

    Ronni – I’d like to think they learned something, but I doubt it.


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