True Detective Stories

There’s an officer in one of our districts who almost always brings in a gun arrest; at least one or two a week. The guy is personable enough, I guess, but I’m not a fan. Why? Because this clown always shows up with the arrest ten or fifteen minutes before our shift is up.

A firearms arrest used to be a twenty-minute job, but because our Soros-appointed D.A. demands we get a search warrant to swab every single gun we obtain, it takes about two hours, beginning to end. This cop – I’ll call him Baldo – also always takes a few hours to bring up his paperwork.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Baldo always comes in with very sketchy stories. It’s never, “I was driving by and saw a man pull out a gun.” It’s always something like, “The car had heavy window tint, so we stopped the car, and totally didn’t search it illegally. Totes magotes!”

After enough of these shady stories, many of us in the division tried to tell Baldo stories like these were going to get him jammed up. We told him time and time again, and he ignored our advice.

Last week the department took Baldo’s gun, and is now under investigation by the D.A.’s office…

So, what happened?

As I noted in the NYPD post yesterday, over the last few months, the Soros-appointed D.A. has been going through body camera footage of all the arrests police officers have made. The officers rarely look at the camera footage before they take the stand, and when they make a mistake under oath, the department is taking their gun and putting them on limited duty. They’ll sit downtown answering phone calls until they’re cleared.

The D.A.’s office and the Internal Affairs Division conduct an investigation, and there is a good chance some of these officers will be fired and/or criminally charged with perjury.

Rumor has it there are fifty officers who are currently under investigation, and those numbers are likely to climb. In effect, the city is defunding police without actually saying so. If you fire these officers, you have less cops and happier thugs. For the city, it’s a win-win.

In the meantime, there are still officers in my division who are hustling, trying to land a firearms arrest or a narcotics pinch so they can make their captains happy. The problem with that is none of these captains have stood up for their officers after their guns were taken. Not one.

So why the hell would you want to hustle for bosses who couldn’t care less about you? I try to tell the new kids what my first sergeant told me. “The only thing I need from you is to answer the radio and back each other up.” Maybe Baldo will learn that lesson if he ever gets his firearm back.

Or maybe not.

8 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Wow! Interesting politics and how it’s affecting everything in the big blue cities and states! I’m sure it will be arriving soon in a city near me….unfortunately. They are having demonstrations here because the city wants to build a new youth detention center with more beds but the dems are insisting these kids need more schooling and mental health services and everything will be ok. What a load of cr@p!!


  2. Ronni – The Milwaukee D.A. wants no or little bail for criminals, and he’s a fan of pre-trial detention reform. It’s why the Waukesha murderer was out on the streets and running people down. It all comes down to Soros, who is actively trying to destroy America.


  3. These DA’s are like the evil universe version of the Untouchables. They really believe that they’ll never personally suffer for their policies. True believers in the Great Reset, I guess. They figure they’ll always be on top. All I can hope for is that they’ll regret their decisions.

    Also, that is NOT my trunk in the photo above. Storing guns loose like that is a good way to scratch them up.


    1. Honestly, I assumed you kept your weapons wrapped in a delicate chamois.

      They’ll regret their decisions when one of their own get hurt by these career criminals. But even then, the ideology is always first.


      1. Regret their decisions when one of their own get hurt?

        Relax Wyatt. Krasner, Kimesha Foxx, Chesa Boudin, and all the other Soros Financed Communist DA’s all have 24/7 security details to protect themselves. The Future Dictatorship of the Proletariat will happily use the Organs of the State to keep themselves safe. Like all Good Communists, the they know any pain, suffering, or death amongst The People is Inevitable and Necessary to Bring The Glorious Revolution!

        The People should be happy to know their Unplanned Martyrdom is a Necessary Sacrifice to Destroy the Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Ableist, Meritocratic, Transphobic, Fascist, Eurocentric, White Supremacist United States and Spark an Inevitable Communist Revolution!

        The People would be Proud if only The People Knew Their Personal Sacrifice of burglaries, robberies, shoplifting, carjackings, vandalism, looting, arson, beatings, rapes, murders, and general destruction is going to destroy the awful Racist and Heteronormative American Republic founded on Slavery of Black People! After the Communist Revolution, All the People will know the soul crushing misery and despair of slavery. All those Middle Class Capitalists, those Kulaks, Wreckers, Patriots, and Bourgeoise will Enslaved to the soul crushing Power of the Communist Revolution!

        Don’t believe me, just ask San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, spawn of two Communist Weatherman Underground Terrorists, and raised by two more Weatherman Underground Terrorists.


  4. RD – In the last two days we had zero arrests. None. I work in the busiest, most violent division in the city, and we had no arrests Sunday and Monday. It appears, to me at least, that the cops are finally realizing the politicians and bosses hate them, so they’re slowing their arrest counts.

    They still answer radio calls, etc., but no one is looking to make arrests if they don’t have to.


  5. Look into Lakeland, Florida when you leave Philly. It is a fairly nice city (I used to live there), in Polk County, (love their sheriff!), and the weather is usually very nice. They do have some ne’er do wells (I dubbed one corner that I had to pass as “Hooker Holler”), but most of the residents like the police.


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