True Detective Stories

So yesterday sucked.

Every Thanksgiving, we are always assured there would be someone from the shooting team and someone from domestics. This year? There were no shooting teams, and no domestic detectives.

I walked in and immediately the day work lieutenant approached me, which is never a good sign. He said there was a clusterf*ck coming in from one of the dumber districts. My squad was terribly short – three detectives in all – so manpower was a problem. Apparently, the cop stopped a stolen vehicle, and instead of recovering the vehicle, Super Cop decided to take out the occupants and search them. That’s kind of a no-no, but whatever.

While this genius searched the offenders, he left the key in his vehicle and forgot to put the vehicle into park. The patrol car started rolling, and struck a fire hydrant, causing serious damage.

The officer arrived – three hours after the he stopped the vehicle – and had a gun that he found after searching a juvenile. Again, kind of a no-no. We asked him why it took three f**king hours to being in the job, and he started giving us back-sass. My lieutenant arrived by then, and the cop back-sassed him, too. Not a good plan.

After talking to Super Cop, we found a few more details. The car he stopped was stolen out of Cheltenham, a town just north of Philly. Instead of holding the car, Super Cop called Cheltenham to recover the car, meaning the evidence was now in another jurisdiction. Oh, and did I tell you Super Cop did not initiate the car stop? Two of his coworkers did that, and they left early for Thanksgiving.

So the cops we needed to make a case left for the day, the car was returned to Cheltenham, and Super Cop’s report made no mention of the two arresting officers, the stolen car, and the stolen tag which was on the car that he never recovered.

I’m no detective, but I guarantee this entire case gets tossed at the preliminary hearing.

Oh, by the end of the day, we had this idiotic job, an armed robbery, three missing person reports, a guy who was shot at while driving his car, and many domestic cases. It was the busiest Thanksgiving I have ever worked, because the animals know nothing else.

13 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. How far away from the 999 day milestone? Days like that makes flu days off look like a vacation. You have my sympathies, and snark. 🙂


  2. TXNick – Since I was promoted in 2005, the division was always quiet on Thanksgiving. We’d get one or two jobs, and that was it. Now, because this garbage mayor, D.A. and police commissioner has allowed anarchy to reign, the thugs were spending the evening robbing people.

    Kitty – Mrs. Earp bought a blueberry pie from the kids’ school, so I at least was able to have some when I got home.

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    1. So not all was lost. A slice of pie will overcome the day’s bad taste.

      I did a late lunch at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. Turkey dinner, stuffing, mashed spuds, & corn. I swapped the free pumpkin pie for a coconut cream slice. All in all, not a bad meal. Beats me having to cook it whilst “On the Road Again.” (Yeah, another holiday away from home. I hope everyone appreciates me keeping the power running through the wires. {Sniff.})


  3. Last year, nobody came for Thanksgiving because they were terrified I would give them the Chinese Flu I didn’t have. The year before I had Thanksgiving dinner at a Bob Evans restaurant after attending my sister’s funeral the day before. In Festus, MO, about 1000 miles from home where my wife and kids enjoyed turkey dinner. So, there are many ways for Thanksgiving to suck. Yesterday was spent with family and very enjoyable. I am sorry that your day sucked and that you are only a little over two months from hitting three digits. Keep the faith and stay say. Hope everyone else had a reasonably pleasant day.


  4. RG – Work sucked, but everything else was okay. Julia has the sniffles, the boys were playing “competitive hot potato” with their cousins, and Mrs. Earp crashed early. It was a busy day for them.


  5. I rarely watch cop TV shows, because they’re usually awful and nowhere near reality. The Wire is arguably the best cop series, FXX Fargo series is pretty good, and the remake of Dragnet – with Al Bundy – was also good the first season.

    The sergeant list came out today. Most of the people at the top have less than five years on the job. So we’ll have kids who don’t know the job supervising other kids. What could go wrong?

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    1. You should watch some reruns of Hunter. Hunter would clear a room by first thumbing back the hammer on his revolver and enter the room with his finger on the trigger. I think Alec Baldwin taught him that!


      1. I liked Hunter. My mother REALLY liked Hunter. But if you’re going to the 80’s nothing beats Wiseguy. One of the cable stations plays both series every weekday.

        Z Living is the cable channel.


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