Way To Go, Philly!

The failed city of Philadelphia earned its 500th homicide Wednesday evening, and unlike last year’s shenanigans, the city cannot hide the extra six homicides they disappeared last December.

The corrupt politicians running this ultra-violent town stopped the count at 499, when we really had 505 or 506. It was galling to see this, because the Feds demand accurate counts for violent crimes; especially homicide.

Then I remembered the FBI is more corrupt than any other law enforcement organization in America, and it started to make sense.

Amazingly, Thanksgiving went without a homicide, but my division saw the 501st murder and possibly the 502nd, after a man was shot in the head – also in our division. He was still alive as my shift ended.

The good news is my corrupt police commissioner’s incompetence is being noticed by other departments, and apparently incoming New York City mayor Eric Adams is trying to lure her to the Big Apple. Please, please, please take her, Mayor Adams. I guarantee she’ll turn your city into Chicago.

2 thoughts on “Way To Go, Philly!

  1. After reaching 500 deaths by homicide, BLM awards a Golden Darwin Award to the Mayor. Achieving 750 earns a city their Platinum Award…a number that is being strived for by Chicago and Los Angeles…actually this rate is surpassed when adding up all the cities of the LA area…


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