She’s Cruzin’ For A Schmoozin’

Meet Heather Cruz, of Donnellon, FLorida.

Heather is a friendly girl, so much so that she entered a Citrus County residence, took off all her clothes, and started hugging and sitting on the residents inside.

A Florida woman was arrested Sunday after police say she walked into a Citrus County home and undressed herself before hugging and sitting on multiple people, including several who were 65 years or older.

Police say 35-year-old Heather Cruz, of Dunnellon, walked into the Citrus County home through a side door. Once inside, Cruz removed her clothing and exposed her genitalia before she grabbed and hugged the homeowner.

One wonders where she was placing her tips.

When Cruz was told to stop, documents say she sat on the lap of two other residents while naked, saying “you like it” to one of the victims.

I mean, psycho or not, what guy doesn’t want a naked woman sitting on their lap?

9 thoughts on “She’s Cruzin’ For A Schmoozin’

  1. Between her and Lauren Hunter Daman (next post, for those who haven’t read it) I’ll definitely take contestant number two. Even if I would have to turn her face down.


  2. Whatever happened to real journalism: who, what when, where, & WHY???…Was she drunk, on drugs,???…There has to be some explanation…


  3. Rudy – I swear to Vishnu I wasn’t there! If I was, I would have changed the banner at the top of the blog.

    TXNick – You rarely see a pretty mug shot, but this chick’s issue is lack of sun. A slight tan would do wonders.

    Doc – My guess is alcohol. Her face is fairly clean, without the obvious heroin scars.


  4. Victims?
    How far we’ve fallen.

    That”journalist” really sucks. Not only no mention of her intoxicant of choice, but no mention of the genders of the ‘victims’.
    Of course, you know women were there or the police would not have been called.


  5. Veeshir – Sadly, most journalists are garbage tier anymore. They’re never going back to the Edward R. Murrow days.

    RD – They can make me thinner… Arguably.

    RC – I’m guessing she really digs guys with gray hair.

    Rob – There are never photos of these incidents, and when there are, they are usually 300 pounds.


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