The Vagina Catalogues

Meet Lauren Hunter Daman of Thomaston, Georgia. Lauren is a rather attractive webcam model, and prides herself on her fabulous above the waist body. Below the waist? Not so much.

Georgia webcam model Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, redefined “crotch shot” after discharging a firearm into her vagina during an alleged sex stunt gone awry.

Oooh, that’s going to leave a mark.

“The female had shot herself in the vagina accidentally,” paramedic Brittany Rivers reportedly told responding police officers of the incident, which reportedly occurred on the morning of Nov. 9 at a residence in Thomaston, per a report by the Upson County Sheriff, the Smoking Gun reported.

Later interviews with witnesses revealed that the sex pistol-turned-gunshot victim was apparently alone in her bedroom when the weapon — a 9mm handgun — went off.

Normally, I would say I’d hit that like the fist on an angry god, but if she doesn’t have a vagina anymore, I’ll pass. Well, probably. Eh, who am I kidding; I’d still go for it.

14 thoughts on “The Vagina Catalogues

  1. Loaded questions here: was her sex pistol loaded with hollow points or wadcutters? And after the discharge, did she reload? Was she equipped with a silencer?


  2. No such thing as an accidental discharge of a firearm…someone has to pull the trigger of a loaded gun, or snag said trigger on something, both of which are negligent handling, not ‘accidental…’ What sane person would put a loaded firearm anywhere near her girly parts?

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  3. Doc – You would be surprised by how many police officers in this department “accidentally” shot themselves. A few people I worked with are on that list, as well.


  4. #1. Guess she shot her load
    #2. Not how one tears that up.
    #3. Not how one shoots the s**t.
    #4. Remember the difference between your gun and your vibrator, one is for humms the other is for well different fun.
    #5. Careful kid, you’ll blow your ass out.


  5. Gary – Brilliant!

    Mike47 – A guy I used to work with was dating a crazy stupid hot girl who wanted him to penetrate her with an unloaded pistol. I mean, dude… WTF?

    TXNick – The smell of cordite is not exactly an aphrodisiac.

    Evan – Same, my friend. Same.


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