Caption Contest Winners

Top Five Entries:
5. Take the sticker. He won’t grope you if you wear the sticker! – RudyTBone
4. “Mom always said not to make goofy faces or your face would freeze.” – TXNick
3. Thank you for signing the “I Won’t Sue Gropy McGropy Hands” pledge card. – Jim
2. I would rather have a barf bag. – Mis. Hum.

WINNER! – Here you go. I know they look like $20 bills, but thanks to my husband they are only worth $15. – Ingineer66

6 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

  1. I didn’t want to say it when the weekend caption contest was posted on Friday, but good Lord, “Dr” Jill is starting to go into Pelosi territory with that plastic smile.

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