Merry Creepmas!

Meet Woody, a Canadian department store Christmas tree which resurfaced after fifteen years. Look at Woody’s face. LOOK AT IT!

An infamous 15-metre tall Christmas tree has made a return at a department store in Canada – and has horrified many. Woody – a giant tree with a robotic face – can be found at the Mic Mac Mall in Darmouth, Nova Scotia.

Canadians seem to be split in the middle whether the display is creepy or cute, with talk show host Jimmy Fallon comparing it to the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ Younghee doll from Netflix’s hit series Squid Game.

The interactive holiday decoration has big lips which move when it speaks, and curly lashes that bat.

I’m fairly certain the only bat needed here is an aluminum baseball bat. It can be used to beat this thing to death before also killing it with fire.

If you want to have continuing nightmares, you can see the tree in action at the link above.

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