Would You Like Cream In Your Coffee?

A British woman noticed something rather, um, “odd” with her Costa Coffee cup when she received her cup of joe. It appears the gingerbread man cup looks like he’s releasing some swimmers into the world.

A woman left people in stitches after discovering Costa Coffee cups that appeared to feature a rather rude detail.

Claire Fletcher had been watching Bake Off with her partner Trevor Brown when they paused the show on a Costa advert while he went to get a drink.

The pair were then left in stitches after noticing the coffee chain’s Christmas gingerbread cup at an awkward angle – making the sweet treat’s arm look like a penis. Even ruder – Claire claims the ‘s’ of the Costa logo makes it even more vulgar looking as it appears the gingerbread man was enjoying an explicit act.

I’m going to give Costa Coffee the benefit of the doubt here. Having said that, the gingerbread arm does look like a penis, and the squiggly “s” doesn’t do the gingerbread man any favors.

5 thoughts on “Would You Like Cream In Your Coffee?

  1. Overheard in the corporate offices: “See, men! This is what you get for not looking carefully at the advertiser’s finished product!”

    (Yeah, I went there.) 🙂


  2. Remember when it was a “conspiracy theory” that tv ads put subliminal, nekkid women, shots in their commercials?
    What have we learned in the last two years?
    Conspiracy Theories should be called ‘spoiler alerts’.
    Therefore, I say it was on purpose.
    And pretty well done too.


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