Oakland Mayor Now Loves The Police

Uber-left Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf has decided she and her godawful city need more police, after being a huge proponent of defunding the police. Now Schaaf is worried no one would become a police officer in her failing, corrupt city.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf (D) warned during a CNN interview on Monday that the far-left defund the police movement was hurting the abilities of cities to attract and retain police recruits which she says are badly needed to combat a surge in crime.

So this bitch ridiculed and derided members of her own police department during (and after) the Saint George Floyd riots, and she thinks the officers will start trusting her again? Good luck with that, Libby.

“Let me be clear: Oakland needs more police,” Schaaf said. “We have been impacted by staffing reductions. COVID interrupted our recruitment and training processes. And the defund rhetoric is challenging our ability to attract and retain recruits. And we know that that is not unique to Oakland.”

Dear Libby, not only do I hope no one joins your police department, but I also hope every single current police officer quits by the end of the year. Let your leftist friends police your city and see how that goes.

10 thoughts on “Oakland Mayor Now Loves The Police

  1. Mostly, I hope the cops in her personal protection detail walk away. Oakland rivals some of the east coast cities for a shithole award. Then again, the left coast is as bad as the east coast. Florida is offering bonuses for cops to come work there. Ron DeSantis at work.

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  2. RG – The Oakland cops should head there. Why would anyone work for someone who hates you? If I wasn’t already in early retirement, I would have walked away with this mayor and police commissioner.


  3. I truly don’t understand why any young person either joins, or stays with, a police department where they are systematically abused by the people running the city.
    Cops with just a few years in can transfer to other jurisdictions where they are not hated. The guys nearing retirement will probably have to stay put for a few years, but everyone else should bail.
    There are a lot of places in this great country where cops are appreciated.


  4. Veeshir – They absolutely do. At least in Philadelphia they do.

    Ingineer – Not that it would matter. It’ll just be another cop hating uber-leftist.

    MelP – Obama did that all the time, and every time he did he was lying his ass off.

    Frank – In Philly, they put out a teletype around 5pm showing how many officers are injured, back to work, and or retired/quit. Every day we see young officers just up and quitting. Our most recent cadet class had 48 people originally; they are down to twenty-two.

    The smart ones are staying here for about a year then heading to the suburbs. I am in the early retirement program, and I’m gone in 1,066 days. I cannot wait.

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