Munich; It’s Da Bomb

A World War II bomb exploded near a Munich construction site yesterday, injuring four people. Seventy-six years later, the Allies are still sticking it to Hitler.

A World War II bomb exploded at a construction site next to a busy railway line in Munich on Wednesday, injuring four people, one of them seriously, German authorities said.

A column of smoke was seen rising from the site near the Donnersbergerbruecke station. The construction site for a new commuter train line is located on the approach to Munich’s central station, which is about a half-mile to the east.

Bavaria’s state interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, said the 550-pound bomb was found during drilling work. Unexploded bombs are still found frequently in Germany, even 76 years after the end of the war, and often during work on construction sites.

It’s a miracle a 550-pound bomb only injured four people; the incident could have been much worse.

5 thoughts on “Munich; It’s Da Bomb

  1. “Works fine, lasts a long time?”

    Glad there were no fatalities. The Germans have atoned for WWII. Now if they would only atone for Merkel.


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