Happy Birthday Julia!

Today, Julia – also known as Princess P around these parts – is officially a teenager. Our only daughter is now thirteen, and while she experimented with teenage moods a while ago, she can officially be grumpy from today forward.

Julia is our youngest – ten months younger than Kevin – and she was a surprise. We didn’t think you could get knocked up after having a child, and apparently that’s the worst time to try. Mrs. Earp thought I would be furious at the news, and I responded with, “Great, another boy.” You see, after three boys, we didn’t think we could get a girl, and during the ultrasound, I told the tech that she was wrong, despite her pointing out the girl parts.

Her delivery was very quick, as Mrs. Earp kept telling the nurse that Princess P was COMING RIGHT NOW!

The following thirteen years were pretty awesome. It’s nice to have a girl amidst the boys, and she definitely has her tomboy moments. She is a junior black belt in Krav maga, but she also plays drums in the school band, takes dancing lessons for lyrical and tap, while teaching herself how to play guitar.

Julia is also wicked smart, right up there with Kevin. She always gets good grades, is enrolled in the Math Matters class.

Of course, being a girl, she always tells me she thinks she’s ugly, and she wishes she wasn’t as tall as she is. She’s probably 5’5″ or 5’6″. But beyond that, she is my special little girl who still has no problem telling me she loves me, still gives me hugs, and apparently got me a fabulous Christmas present.

At least according to her.

Happy birthday, Princess P! We love you very much.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Julia!

  1. Happy Birthday, Julia! She is a beautiful young lady, Wyatt! It is great that she is interested in so many different things. She will be well rounded when all is said and done with her interests. She is, however growing too quickly.

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  2. Ronni – Mrs. Earp gave her a hint at her present, and when I took her to dance last night she kept pestering me. I told her I didn’t know what she’s getting – I don’t – but she didn’t believe me.

    I do know her Christmas gifts are going to be awesome.

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  3. Jenn – She hasn’t asked to straighten her hair – the answer would be NO – and hasn’t asked to dye her hair – the answer would also be NO. God gave her that fabulous curly red hair, and it’s going to stay that way.


  4. Happy Birthday to Julia. From the photos you have posted both now and in the past, she is a very beautiful girl. Tell her to impart her wisdom to you and Mrs. Earp wisely, the only has seven years when she knows everything and everyone else is wrong, then she’ll forget it all and be like the rest of us. You are sure blessed with a wonderful family and great kids.

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  5. TXNick – She’s very happy today. Mrs. Earp bought her a record player and we gave her the Metallica Black album and A Heavy Metal Xmas.

    RG – As long as she doesn’t become a leftist.

    MelP – Probably. She seems content today, listening to metal.

    Evan – Thanks. No better birthday than when it comes with a weekend off from school.

    RD – Good point. Plus, Melania is gorgeous.


  6. Trust me, Julia, you’ll be glad to be 5’5″ — or 5’6″ — because you’ll probably begin to shrink when you reach Social Security age. The blue-hairs at church said they used to be 5’2″ and now they’re not even 5′ tall. I’m 5’2″ and feel like a Watusie next to them.

    So, Wyatt, you didn’t think Mrs. E could get knocked up after having a child? HA HA HA !!!!

    Happy Birthday, Julia!

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