Guess Who Suffers From Rising Crime?

You have to love the Democrats. They spend all their time and energy working to eradicate police in their cities, and when they finally put a plan together, it completely backfires.

According to CDC data released last month, 2020 bore witness to the largest rate of increase in homicides recorded in modern history—a finding that tracks with FBI data. Murder rose 29 percent from 2019 to 2020, surpassing the previous record 12.7 percent spike from 1967 to 1968. Unsurprisingly, the victims of the latest surge in violence were not equally distributed across racial groups. The rise in black homicide victims from 2019 to 2020 was almost twice as big as the rise in white victims (28 percent versus 16 percent).

Is anyone surprised? The reason Democrats wanted to defund the police has nothing to do with police overreach; they wanted defunding because they wanted lawlessness in their cities. Do you truly think Democrat politicians give a damn about blacks and Hispanics? They understand they forever have the black and Hispanic vote, so they can do as much or as little for those demographics as they like.

A new Marshall Project analysis on last year’s homicide wave in major American cities highlights the striking racial disparity: more than 85 percent of the increase in murders occurred in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, where homicide rates were already higher than in white neighborhoods. In Chicago, for example, black neighborhoods saw a rise of 27 murders per 100,000 residents, whereas white neighborhoods saw a rise of only two per 100,000.

The violence is continuing to escalate. In Philadelphia, after 2020’s three-decade high of 499 murders, the city has now set a new homicide record, surpassing 500 murders.

I love the fact City Journal mentioned Philadelphia in this article. Philly gets a pass from the national news media because we aren’t seen as important. Spoiler alert: We aren’t. We are, however, one of the most violent cities in America, and to ignore the murders here is to your peril.

P.S.Philadelphia earned eight more homicides this weekend. Eight. I’m starting to think we can hit 600.

7 thoughts on “Guess Who Suffers From Rising Crime?

  1. Doc – We’re still crazy busy, but there has been a real lack of arrests lately. I think the cops are finally getting it; if you do your job, the bosses are going to find a way to jam you up.

    RG – Black lives don’t matter to other blacks; at least in big blue cities.


  2. I saw a story about Cook County IL. They hit a thousand dead bodies so far this year and almost a month to go. The makeup was 81% Black, 15% Hispanic, and 4% other (Whites, Asians and unknown), about the same as HeyJackAss! has for Chicago alone.

    I wish Black Lives Did Really Matter. The world would be a better place.


  3. RD – I wholeheartedly agree. My division is mostly black and they murder each other every single day because of stupid shit. He looked at me funny, he looked at my girl, etc.


  4. Sounds like both the Minneapolis and St. Paul Police Chiefs are retiring.
    Know anyone Downtown that could send Ms. Outlaw’s resume in for her?
    These Blue City idiots will appoint someone just like her, at least we know how bad she is.

    My fear is the old time Democrat County Attorney Mike Freeman is retiring and we elect a new County Attorney (Prosecutor/DA) in November 2022. I see what Soros DA’s have done to LA, SF, Philly, and Chicago. Minneapolis is a big enough mess without a Soros backed stooge.


  5. RD – Soros has more money than God – most of which he earned turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis. If he wants the new DA to be elected, it will happen.

    Outlaw was on the short list at NYC. She’s be perfect there.


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