Iran Is Going To Need Another Billion…

Meet the Talayieh, an Iranian Moudge class corvette. Looks nice, huh? Well, it looked much better when satellite images saw the ship tipped over on its port side.

A satellite image confirms that an Iranian naval vessel known as the Talayieh has rolled over in a dry dock in the port of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf. Video had earlier emerged on social media showing this ship lying on its port side in a partially flooded dry dock. Prior to this incident, the Talayieh, seemingly a derivative of the Moudge class corvette design about which there is little publicly available information, was reportedly either in the final stages of construction or fitting out and had been expected to enter service next year.

That’s a shame. I’d like to think the Israelis sabotaged the ship, but it’s more likely the Iranian navy isn’t exactly a top-notch outfit.

From the imagery available, it is difficult to tell what the full extent of the damage to the Talayieh might be. There is yet to be any official word on the incident from Iranian officials. Simply sitting on its side in the water for an extended period of time could lead to a number of issues that, in turn, might require significant time and energy to rectify, especially if there is any internal flooding.

Just leave it in the drink, and it can become a climate-saving coral reef.

10 thoughts on “Iran Is Going To Need Another Billion…

  1. Best part is they are tieing up a valuable drydock too

    The Russians did it even better. The pretty much sunk one of their few outadated Soviet Era aircraft carriers and their floating drydock both at the same time.

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