Philly D.A. Is Completely Delusional

Meet Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner; a Soros-installed “prosecutor” whose mission is to release violent criminals and stifle police investigations.

Krasner is a piece of garbage, but what’s worse is the man is completely delusional. While addressing the press Monday, Krasner ludicrously claimed Philadelphia “does not have a crisis of crime, despite the 521 murders (as of Monday) in 2021.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said Monday that the city is not plagued by a crime crisis despite a record number of homicides in 2021. Krasner insisted that while the city has seen a spike in gun violence, residents should not be worried about rising crime in general.

“We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence,” the district attorney told reporters at a Monday press conference. “It’s important that we don’t let this become mushy and bleed into the notion that there is some kind of big spike in crime. There isn’t. There is not a big spike in crime. … There is not a big spike in violent crime. Neither one of these things is true.”

In fact, all those things are true. Violent crime in Philadelphia has been rising in 2021, but Krasner and his corrupt ADAs have been so busy denying body warrants, disapproving arrest reports, and releasing offenders without bail, that he can “claim” the violence doesn’t exist.

It does, but if the offenders are not charged, it’s like it never happened.

The Philadelphia Police Department has reported 521 homicides so far in 2021 – a 13% increase compared to 2020 and the city’s highest number of killings since at least 2007. Shooting incidents have increased 4.4%, and the number of shooting victims has risen about 3% over the last year.

In my division alone, homicides are up, shootings are way up, robberies are up, aggravated assaults are up, etc. Krasner’s laughable claims will be accepted by Philly’s pathetic media, but no one who lives here believes Kranser’s lies. It’s smoke and mirrors. Nothing more.

Thanks to Ace from AOSHQ for the linkage. Much appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Philly D.A. Is Completely Delusional

  1. The worst part is most of the crime in your district is probably committed by the same 500-1,000 thugs and criminals. If you take them off the streets and lock them up for the first crime, then they cannot commit any more crimes on the public.

    Not only that, but the same criminals are safer from their fellow criminals INSIDE Prison, than they are on the streets.

    The sad fact is too many criminals cannot be reformed or even deterred, and the best thing to do is lock them away until they are old enough to not be physically able to do violent street crime.

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  2. RD – Weekend days used to be great here. We’d get one or two jobs on a Saturday and a Sunday. Now we get between 20-40. All the thugs are roaming the streets, and nobody cares. The voters reelected this prick in a landslide, knowing full well violence would rise.

    JT – How you doing?


  3. Minor typos at the end of the OP:
    “no one who lives here believes Kranser’s lives”

    Should be “Krasner’s lies”, but the original sentence kinda works too…


  4. On a related note, Lori Lightfoot aka Beetlejuice, blamed all the retailers for the violence and theivery that’s happening in the upscale Shitcago shopping district. She said they need to do more to stop all this. Excuse me while I pause, I can’t quit laughing. Typical Demoncrat politician that blames that actual victim. I find solace in the fact that all these scum will be facing a judgement of their own one day. It result in a pleasant outcome.


  5. Krasner’s brilliant plan to reduce crime is to legalize everything.

    My brilliant idea would be to lock him and Allis socialist friends in the same prison as the ones doing the crimes. Give all of them the revolver of their choice and a box of ammo for it. In just a few hours, no more problems.


  6. Mike AKA Proof – See also: most Democrats.

    RG – You know whose fault this is? Beetlejuice and the police superintendent who is handcuffing his officers.

    TXNick – Our previous mayor and former D.A. trashed Krasner this week for his idiotic hot takes. Mayor Nutter was awful, as was the incarcerated D.A. Seth Williams, but when they’re the voice of reason, you know something is wrong.


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