Temple University Is A Garbage School

You may remember this post from last week, where the Soros-appointed district attorney dropped all charges on a full-time thug, who then went and murdered a Temple University student. In the aftermath of the homicide, the “elites” at Temple have decided maybe it wasn’t the best idea to push away the only people who can stop crime on their uber-violent campus.

In response to the murder of one of its students, Temple University President Dr. Jason Wingard said in an email it will “work with the Philadelphia Police Department to increase their presence off campus,” to boost student security.

The move comes after a year in which Temple administrators and students have debated and occasionally embraced facets of the “Defund the Police” movement, which sprang up in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, an event so shocking it ignited a new, national reckoning on race.

Oh gee, that’s so magnanimous of you. These people couldn’t care less about the police; they’re only working with us because students do not want to attend college in a war zone.

Were I in a position of power in the department, my stance would be, “Temple, you made your choice. You have a campus police department, and they can handle all your crimes. We will not respond to incidents within your campus.”

The university is currently working to quell fears after Samuel Collington, a 21-year-old senior at the university, was shot and killed in the middle of the day within blocks of the campus.

“Students are afraid. Parents are afraid. Parents are afraid for students’ safety,” student government president Bradley Smutek told the Inquirer.

You should be afraid. The campus is a hotbed of shootings, robberies, and drug sales. It’s a miracle more Temple students haven’t been murdered. That said, this is how Temple felt last year…

Last June, however, the mood at Temple was more about distancing itself from Philadelphia Police.

“In the past, Temple has provided a small amount of support to the Philadelphia Police Foundation through charitable donations,” university president Richard M. Englert said in a brief statement. “Upon review and community input, we have decided that the university will no longer provide this support,” and that the funds would be reallocated “to support social justice programs at the university.”

Ironically, the Foundation is a non-profit program to provide better technology, equipment, and training to make the department better equipped to fight crime. You know, like stopping shootings.

Many thanks to Mis. Hum. at AOSHQ for the linkage!

6 thoughts on “Temple University Is A Garbage School

  1. All of these idiots that want to do away with the police remind me of the domestic abuser not understanding why their spouse/significant other/children leave first chance they get.


  2. MelP – Look, I get millennials are enamored with the left and wokeness, but their policies are getting people killed. I mean, if you don’t want the police to help when an emergency occurs, by all means, don’t call 911. That said, if you don’t call, and something happens – God forbid – don’t blame us.

    Philip – One of my high school friends went there, and when we visited his frat house, we always kept our eyes open. It was a violent neighborhood in the early 90’s. It’s worse now.

    Also, to be clear, I attended Saint Joseph’s University, and the neighborhood a few blocks away was a war zone.


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