Finally, Justice For Juicy

Jussie “Juicy” Smollett, the bit part actor of the series “Empire,” has been convicted on five counts in relation to his ridiculous fake hate crime. The gay actor claimed Trump-supporting, MAGA hat wearing thugs assaulted him and threw a noose around his neck in January, 2019.

Juicy lied about the entire incident.

After a second day of deliberation, the jury in the trial of Jussie Smollett has found the former Empire star guilty on five of six counts. Smollett has been charged with six counts of felony disorderly conduct relating to lying to the police about an alleged hate crime attack that took place in January of 2019.

Smollett claimed that he had been attacked in the street by the MAGA hat-wearing white men that poured bleach on him, used a rope fashioned into a noose, and hurled racist and homophobic insults at him.

The hilarious part of all this is every accusation of a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter attacking a minority has been a hoax. Apparently, this D-list “celebrity” wasn’t smart enough to know that.

The prosecution has stated that Smollett hired the Osundairo brothers to stage the attack, with Chicago detective Michael Theis testifying that they were hired after Empire producers didn’t take a threatening letter sent to Smollett seriously enough.

I sincerely doubt this piece of garbage will ever see the inside of a jail cell, but if nothing else, Juicy will forever be remembered as a convicted felon.

21 thoughts on “Finally, Justice For Juicy

  1. It’s crazy, isn’t it, how the usual suspects jumped on board with this tall tale. After midnight, it’s freezing, okay, maybe they followed him. That’s a long shot, but not impossible.

    But “This is MAGA Country?” Chicago? Are you kidding me? Even someone who was all in for Trump would know better than to say Chicago, of all places, was MAGA Country. Chicago is about as far away from MAGA Country as you can get (which is why I’m never going back; that and the murder rate).

    But our gullible media just bought that, lock, stock, and barrel. Really? Nobody ever thought to ask, “Who thinks Chicago is MAGA Country?”

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    1. And what are the odds that at 2:30 in the AM in sub freezing temperatures, you could recognize anyone at a distance, all bundled up, much less tell it was some actor that hardly anyone knew and he was gay?
      98.6% of Americans didn’t even know who he was, much less that he was gay.
      This was bad fantasy fan fiction from the start!


  2. Lets pause for a minute to acknowledge Juicy’s bravery, he managed to keep his cell phone in 1 hand & his foot long sandwich in the other while he was being attacked.


  3. Mitchell – It’s arguably the exact opposite of MAGA country, and you’d likely get punched if you said that out loud. Whole lotta leftist politicians rushed to believe him, just like they did for Bubba Wallace’s “noose.”

    MelP – Those sammiches aren’t cheap, ya know!


    1. I had to talk myself out of deleting the word sandwich, but everyone one of us has such a warped sense of humor, I decided to make sure we were covered.

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  4. I dunno, but with his “performance” on the stand I suspect he was hoping for a long sentence in the pound me @$$ hotel. And if you gave him a soap on a rope, he’d be cutting the cord quickly.


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