Woman To Wendy’s Employee: You’re Fired

Police are searching for a Euclid, Ohio woman who became upset when her Wendy’s drive-thru order took to long. The customer remained calm before firing three shots at the building.

A woman trying to order Wendy’s in the drive-thru began shooting when the fast food chain took “too long,” police in Ohio said.

A uniformed Euclid officer in a marked police car was working on off-duty assignment behind the Wendy’s restaurant late Friday, Dec. 3 when she heard three to four “very close distinct gun shots,” according to a police report obtained by McClatchy News.

“From our understanding, she was upset with her order,” Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer told WJW. “She felt it was taking too long and she had some choice words for the staff … The manager heard her swearing at the staff members. He then told her she would not be served and to leave the lane. She was upset with that and she then fired three rounds.”

I may have mentioned this before, but when we were returning from Erik’s visit to Alderson Broaddus, we stopped at a Wendy’s near Harrisburg. We got our order quickly, but the fries took about fifteen minutes. Not once did it occur to me to start firing shots, but then again, I’m not a psychopath… usually.

5 thoughts on “Woman To Wendy’s Employee: You’re Fired

  1. I was at a Wendy’s in the past week and as I pulled up there order system went down, was asked to wait a few minutes so I did still wasn’t back up still waited. Came to a point I would be late for my meeting so I left and went somewhere else. And yesterday I did get a bit upset when the place I went to I stopped at again to get some chicken for a potluck and it took 10 + minutes when I could see the chicken clearly in the glass container they put the fresh pieces in.
    I know the shortage of people who really want to work is bad but if I can see what I want and you can’t get it to me quickly I have a bit of a right to be annoyed. But to fire shots, because it took longer than you wanted I hope this woman NEVER has to go into the DMV.


  2. Gary – When we went to New Hampshire for the NASCAR race in July, we stopped at a Pizzeria Uno. It took an hour to get our food, because of the employee shortage. I mean, we were patient, but it was a horrible experience.


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