Boss To Fire Captain: Urine Trouble

A captain in the Plano, Texas Fire Department was suspended and demoted after he pulled into a fast food drive-thru… spilled his own urine on himself… while pantsless… wearing a gold penis ring.

Urinating into a plastic bottle, I’ll accept. Accidentally spilling the urine all over yourself, I’ll accept, unfortunate though it may be. Removing your urine-soaked pants and underwear, I’ll accept.

But urinating into a plastic bottle, accidentally spilling the urine all over yourself, removing your urine-soaked pants and underwear, and then cruising through the drive-thru line completely nude from the waist down while wearing penis jewelry? This is the sum of a bad, bad decision made by a fire captain in Plano, Texas.

The fire captain was recently arrested and charged for exposing his genitals to a fast-food worker, resulting in the captain’s suspension and demotion.

I sincerely hope the guy was getting food from Slim Chickens or a Raising Cane’s, because otherwise this entire story is one giant loss.

7 thoughts on “Boss To Fire Captain: Urine Trouble

  1. RG – That is his current area of residence. There is a ridiculously gorgeous baseball stadium in Frisco that Kyle and I drove past when we met TXNick for lunch..


  2. Well, I’ve been living in Texas (minus a decade overseas) since 1984. I think I qualify as a Texan. I do have the accent and attitude.

    But unfortunately, I’m away from home in some foreign place called Minnie-Hopeless or something, so I can’t enlighten anyone on the details of this incident other than swearing it was not me. My wife eats nothing but Thai food, so I doubt she would have any details either.

    I suggest perusing the inner webs for clarification on the incident.

    Y’all excuse me for the time being. I have to go bang my head against a brick wall as penance for the idiocy of Captain Firehose.


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