Someone Call A Plumber

Meet Kathryn Trammel, of Seminole County, Florida.

Kathryn was having a good time at the Irish 31 restaurant when she and her friend decided to enter the bathroom and start, uh, “banging a gong.”

Investigators say that Kathryn Trammel, 37, caused $500 in damages Tuesday during an afternoon encounter inside a bathroom at Irish 31, an eatery in Seminole.

Trammel and a friend were asked to leave the restaurant after staff discovered them in the bathroom. “The defendant and her friend then left the bathroom and sat at the bar,” a sheriff’s deputy noted.

I sincerely hope the restaurant disinfected the chairs afterward.

Trammel, cops allege, subsequently returned to the bathroom. It was during this second trip that the sink was damaged. After being read her rights, Trammel reportedly said that, “her friend and herself were being intimate in the bathroom and as a result, caused the sink to break.”

Trammel, police reported, would not offer a further “explanation for how the sink was damaged.”

I’m no detective, but I would wager the sink was damaged after Kathryn was bouncing up and down on said sink. And before you ask, oh I would definitely plow her fields.

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