Animal Farm

A woman was punched and stomped into oblivion outside Philadelphia yesterday afternoon after an alleged road rage incident went off the rails. The Philadelphia violence is spreading to the suburbs.

Jenkintown police need help to identify two people they say assaulted a woman after a road rage incident. The Jenkintown police chief told Eyewitness News Friday in his 34 years with the department, the attack is the most violent and brutal he’s seen involving a road rage incident.

The video shows a driver getting pulled out of her car before being attacked by two suspects. It looks like a man kicks her in the head as a woman stomps on her. Police say this happened around 10:00 a.m. on Thursday near York and Rydal Road.

The woman was stomped on by both of these animals, and she was found unconscious on the highway.

Jenkintown is a fairly quiet community just north of Philadelphia. It is not a violent place, and if I would have to make a guess, I’d assume the attackers were from Philadelphia. They certainly look the part.

You can see the video at the link.

7 thoughts on “Animal Farm

  1. This is scary stuff. This week a 60 year old man was shot and killed in a road rage incident about a mile from my office in Sacramento. The whole letting the criminals run wild plan is not working out so well.


  2. Bet they both have 3 of 4: A. Criminal Records, B. Substance Abuse Problems, C. Mental health Issues, D. Are on Bail, Parole, or Probation.

    They may be feral humans that should not be on the streets (and may not even above ground), but if you want to find the Root Causes, look at WHO let them loose, HOW they let them loose, and WHY they let them loose.

    I had multiple classes in Root Cause Training. The first thing they told me is you need to find and eliminate the actual root causes if you want to prevent future occurrences. With criminals and criminal acts, it may not be the criminals, but the people and systems that create, coddle, and allow the criminals to prey on the public. Philadelphia and Blue Cities and states need to solve these problems. Otherwise people will eventually go all Indian Monkey (see above) to solve their criminal problems. Indiscriminately and thoroughly resolving their problems, just like the Monkeys.

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  3. Ingineer – The country is collapsing, mostly because people like Antifa and BLM can get away with murder. And the current regime does nothing about it.

    MelP – And that won’t happen, because those people keep them out of jail in the first place.

    RD – It’s why there are so many Soros-appointed DA’s running blue cities. Soros wants anarchy, and the DA’s deliver.

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