A Lengthy Study

A plastic surgeon created a TikTok video claiming the average male wiener is about five inches long. The doctor then claimed men exaggerate their length, because we’re men.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who famously ripped the medical community over breast implant myths last summer, is back with another body part bombshell — that men’s penis sizes are exaggerated in studies. A video of his manhood myth-busting currently boasts more than 430,000 views on TikTok.

“The average length may be shorter than you think!” reads the caption to the revelatory clip, which Youn posted Tuesday in response to another video in which a woman said she preferred the “average length” of 5 inches to something bigger.

Five inches is the average length? Good grief, that’s three inches longer than mine!

“Studies show that the average length of a man’s erect junk is 5.15 inches,” explained the TikTok doc, who has over 7.3 million followers on the platform. “But the real length is probably less than that because most men with small wieners probably wouldn’t consent to being involved in those studies.”

To be honest, I would probably volunteer for the study if some hot nurses were doing the measuring. The hard part – phrasing – would be the laughing afterward.

8 thoughts on “A Lengthy Study

  1. Look at all the free advertising he got for this. And men don’t have a corner on the market wishing to be larger than others. Being a connoisseur of the subject, I do know that women’s bra sizes were made smaller about 20 years ago. Suddenly Victorias Secret and others were selling a lot of C and D size bras to women that previously weren’t that big.


  2. I do know there was definitely a difference in my first husband( of 5 yrs) who was 5’11” and my second husband (of 30 years) who was 6’5″. Just sayin’.


  3. RG – The surgeon is Asian, so make your own conclusions.

    Cathy – A truism I try to work on every day.

    Ingineer – Bosoms are my kryptonite. Definitely the sexiest part of a woman. Don’t even care about the sizes.

    Ronni – You married up.

    Mike47 – I think it’s still online… unless the Bidens destroyed it.


  4. You know why women can’t build houses more than 1 story tall? Because all our lives, we’ve been told that [——–} was 6 inches.


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